Dulcina Ensemble

The Dulcina ensemble is composed of seasoned early music performers who also teach and build early music instruments.  Performing in the US and Europe, the ensemble's repertoire consists of music from the late Middle Ages through the Renaissance - music performed in a variety of instrumentation such as douçaines, vielles, recorders, rebecs, citoles, bagpipes, sordunes, and racketts.  Some of the instruments they've built are displayed in various museums.  What a treat for Junction City and its surrounding communities.

Laura Kulhman: recorders, ​flutes, sordune, bagpipe, percussion, voice.
Gayle Neuman: viol, violin, voice, gittern.
Phil Neuman: bass rebec, recorders, alto trombone, tuba, gittern, bagpipe, voice.
Aage Nielsen: douçaine, bass clarinet, voice.


Program Highlight

A Concert of

Early Danish Songs and Dances

Drømdæ mik æn drøm I dreamed a dream
anonymous (13th cen.)

Die Tenschen Morder The Danish Murderers
Meister Rumelant (fl. ca. 1273-1287)
Mith hierthæ brendher My heart is burning
(anonymous 15th cen.)
Ave martyr dux Danorum Hail, Duke of the Danes (anonymous 12th cen.)
Estampie Knud Lavard
Aage Nielsen (b. 1965)
douçaine, vielle, and narration

Feb. 21 at 3:30 - Faith Lutheran Church